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Holidays in the south of France?

Our holiday house in VALROS might be perfect for you!

Please contact us for the most current information.

You can find available dates here.

The Languedoc region

The region Languedoc in the south of France represents the passage between the Massif Central and the Mediterranean Sea. The name Languedoc refers to the local dialect (langue d'oc) in which "yes" doesn't translate with "oui" but with "oc". The region Languedoc today comprises the three departments Gard, Hérault und Aude. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate and the fertile, muddy soil that was sedimented by many rivers, agriculture has always played a dominant role in the region. Since the last century the local farmers mainly live from wine-growing. Among other attractions Languedoc has nice beaches, hilly areas in the Massif Central with its many excursion possibilities and the typical relaxed southern "ambiance".

Here you will find a whole set of more links and information concerning Languedoc-Roussillon.

Information about VALROS

Valros is located between Beziérs and Pézenas. From the historical ruin "Tour" there is a fantastic overview over the village (1.500 inhabitants) and the surrounding vineyards. In Valros you can find the peacefulness of a rural village as well as urban centers like Montpellier (about 50 km) and Béziers (about 15 km) near-by. Several beaches lie within a short distance and can easily be reached. In Valros you can find shopping possibilities as well as postal services. The closest banks are located in Pézenas.

Here you find a few pictures of the village of Valros.

Our offer

Big open kitchen

Bed linen

5 bikes

Big living room

Shady terrace

Table tennis

2 sleeping rooms


Surf board

2 bath rooms



Radio/CD/MP3 equipment

Parlor and board games

Outdoor games

WLAN (WiFi-Internet)

Big library

Beach equipment

Laundry machine

Child seat and bed



Attractions and excursions

How to come to VALROS

It is easy to get to Valros by public transport. Going there by car doesn't give you a big advantage in time. This is a map of the communications in Languedoc-Roussillon.

Where is our house in VALROS?

Our house is located quite close to the bus stop (cf. map). The address is as follows:

48/50, avenue de la Montagne; F-34290 Valros

The map on Google Maps (even with Streetview).


What about the infrastructure?

Here you can view a couple of pictures of the house.

Our 90-year old, fully renovated house consists of a well-equipped kitchen, two sleeping rooms, a living room with a fire place, a spacious entrée/corridor, a big terrace, a shower/toilet/laundry room (incl. a washing and a drying machine) and an old barn/garage. Six people can easily be accommodated in the house. More guests could spend the night in sleeping bags on sun beds and self-inflating mattresses. The garden comprises a small lawn and playground. In the barn/garage there is a ping pong table (table tennis), the five bikes (plus two children bikes), a surf board (with everything that’s necessary) and a small workshop. Tenants are fully responsible for possibly occurring damages. They should immediately be reported to us.

In the house you find Wireless Internet (WLAN) and a radio/CD/MP3 station; however there is no TV. Per video streaming though you can access various TV stations.

Smoking in the house is strictly forbidden! The terrace can be used as smoking area.

Family-friendly atmosphere

Our house is well suited for children as well. Next to two small child beds (cot) and a child's eating chair there are two extra (children) seats for the bike. There are also a lot of toys (a.o. table tennis, basketball, pétanque/boule etc.) available for the kids (as well as for adults). Around the house there are big and safe playing areas.

Food, catering and shopping

In Valros you are not far away from civilization. There is a grocery and two bakeries for the daily needs. Moreover, twice a week there are several food cars (with vegetables, meat, fish, seafood etc.) coming to the central square of Valros. This will be announced on the village loudspeakers If this is still not sufficient you can get exclusive commodities in the supermarket (Carrefour or Intermarché) in Pézenas (6km). If you don't want to do the cooking yourself you can go to the restaurant „La Tour“ in Valros. If you fancy a beer, there are two bars for you in Valros. Each Wednesday on the central square of Valros a pizza car offers freshly prepared delicious pizza. We warmly recommend them.

Travel guides and maps: a selection

The following documents are at your disposition in Valros (not concluding):

Booking and reception of the keys

First you have to find out whether the house is still available at your preferred time. Sara and Thomas Bubendorf-Suhner will tell you about this. If this is alright you get the rental contract together with information on the payment procedure. When the contract is signed by both parties and a part of the rent (according to the contract) is paid you will get the keys of the house. Before your departure these keys will be sent to you by mail. At the moment of return they have to be sent back immediately.


Our house is available as per below overview. The days in blue are the days on which the house is already booked.


In case the house is already booked at your preferred date please have a look at this house: Ferienhaus von Peter Meinusch.

Or have a look here: Ferienhausmiete.de, Ferienhaus or Ferienwohnung von Privat.


·  EUR 630-.- per week

·  EUR 860.- per week in July/August

Included in the rent is also the cleaning of the house at the end of your holidays as well as the use of all towels and bedclothes.

More information

If you are interested in our house and wish to learn more about it you can contact us for more information.

Contact: thomas@bubendorf.ch

Here you can view a couple of pictures of the house.

All information without guarantee and subject to change without notice!

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